Why Refer To Us

Over the past 19 years of working in general practice, Dr Resh Diu founded the Oradi Dental Group, with practices in Daventry, and two in Wellingborough, I have been very fortunate to have been able to have built up a team of some twenty dental surgeons, with Messers Basra, Hodges & Vohra having spent a combined 37 years of clinical experience within Oradi. We have all developed keen interests in particular aspects of dentistry, such as endodontics, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Whilst we thoroughly enjoy our clinics at Oradi, we felt that having a dedicated dental centre of clinical excellence, would help not only our patients, but are building a training institute within the Private Dental Centre, so that our clinicians can help train other surgeons. Training is something that all of our surgeons are very passionate about, and the new facility will further embrace this.


The practice will be offering routine dental services, as well as a dedicated team looking after patients that may be looking for:
• Dental Implants
• Specialist treatments for patients with bleeding gums and bone lose
• Teeth alignment (orthodontics)
• Sedation treatment for anxious patients
• Advanced reconstructive dental works for patients that have heavily worn or missing teeth


We are fortunate to host

– Orthodontic Specialist
Full Lateral Ceph Radiograph a lateral or side view x-ray of the face, which demonstrates the bones and facial contours in profile on a single film. Lat Ceph x-rays are usually used in the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems.

– Periodontal Specialist – enabling you to refer for Periodontal Problems/Implant

Full periodontal assessment and treatment planning assistance and report supplied
• Non-surgical periodontal treatment
• Surgical periodontal treatment
• Functional and aesthetic crown lengthening, either as part of periodontal therapy or prior to advanced restorative treatment (gum contouring)
• Periodontal plastic procedures such as coverage of root exposure, pontic site development
• Mucoperiosteal procedures, gingival tissue grafting
• Periodontal regeneration, (Guided tissue regeneration)
• Soft and hard tissue grafting for implant site and alveolar ridge development, (Guided bone regeneration)
• Maxillary sinus augmentation
• Implant placement and restoration, from single teeth to full arch rehabilitation
• Treatment of peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis
• Implant mentoring and training
• Supportive Periodontal Therapy


Feel free to contact the team to discuss any referral questions you may have on 01604 439270