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Root canal treatment has a bit of a reputation these days. Contrary to popular belief, root canal work doesn’t cause pain at all. It relieves it.


Problems with the root canal can occur when the pulp – the area containing blood vessels and nerves running down into the root of the tooth – becomes inflamed or infected by a build-up of bacteria. This could be for many reasons, such as decay within the tooth, faulty fillings or crowns, a chip or a break, and as well as being painful can lead to problems like abscesses.


The requirement for root canal treatment is determined by an X-Ray scan. Your dentist may suggest this if you visit because of pain eating or sensitivity to hot and cold drinks. If you wait and the infection spreads, further symptoms can include pus surrounding the tooth, severe discolouration, and even facial swelling.


Importantly, bacterial infections in the root canal cannot be treated by antibiotics. Fortunately, dentists can undertake root canal treatment to solve these problems.

“Excellent treatment, root canal and filling both experiences were very good no pain at all thank you”.
Mrs H

Root canal treatment is no more painful than having a regular filling fitted, and can generally be done in just a couple of appointments. In the first appointment, the infected tooth is thoroughly cleaned, the infected pulp removed, and the abscess drained. A temporary filling can then be fitted.


The tooth is then left for a while to settle before the second appointment, when the temporary filling is removed and replaced with a permanent filling.


By using root canal treatment to cleanse a tooth of infection, pain will be greatly relieved. There might be a little sensitivity after the treatment, but it will be nothing compared to the discomfort and danger of a spreading infection.


After the treatment, any discolouration can be treated with veneers or a whitening process to bring the teeth back to a natural state.


The process is a routine one. Thousands of people undergo root canal treatment each year. The whole process can be performed from our dental surgery here at 44 Derngate by one of our experienced dental professionals. Before the process we will take you through it step by step so you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.


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