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Dentures are a popular treatment for tooth loss. Whether through gum disease, illness, malnutrition – the cause could be anything but dentures are a wonderful treatment. These replacement teeth enable people to continue living their lives to the full. Eating the food they want, drinking the drinks they want, and without having to worry about the social impact of tooth loss. Dentures are the perfect way to recapture a smile that has been lost.

Here at 44 Derngate we are well used to fitting and maintaining dentures. It is one of our most popular treatments and the process is completely routine. But the process isn’t necessarily instant. Fitting, replacing, maintaining dentures can take many sessions of various different methods, from impressions and measurements to the actual fitting of the dentures. A standard full denture fitted takes around two weeks and a fee of £500 or, £1,000 for our premium full denture per jaw.

But today we are proud to announce our Same Day Denture Service, now only available here at 44 Derngate Dental Practice.

Maybe your dentures are loose, or you’ve lost them. Maybe you just simply aren’t happy with how your dentures feel and you can’t smile or chat away in public with confidence. Don’t worry.

Our skilled team of clinical denture technicians are highly experienced and now capable providing patients with new dentures in just one day.

The process is just what you’re used to, but using top of the range methods and state of the art technology to create and fit dentures according to your exact needs. Everything is customised to you, so all the materials are specifically selected to achieve the optimum result you’re looking for.

To achieve this, the process begins with a detailed conversation with our denture technicians to find out exactly what you need, so you’re not completely in the hands of our technology. There is a human face and regular point of contact throughout the entire day. From beginning to end, same-day denture denture treatment takes between 3-5 hours.

Same day premium dentures can be yours for £1,500 per jaw.

Everything is carried out on-site here at 44 Derngate, so no need to wait for weeks between stages. Just come in the morning with your denture problem, and leave that very same day with your brand new denture.

The day starts with a chat to find out exactly what you’re after, then we will take impressions and measurements to make sure your new dentures are an exact fit.

The entire production of the dentures then takes place in our premium on-site laboratory, and any final checks and tweaks will be done by our clinical denture technician. You won’t leave at the end of the day without dentures that fit and give you the gleaming smile you have been looking for.

If you need any help managing the dentures afterwards, no problem. We’ll monitor your progress carefully and if you need anything don’t hesitate to come and visit again.

Same day Denture repairs and additions are available from just £75, depending on the complexity of the work.

If it’s just a single tooth that’s failed, there’s no need to get a full set of dentures. A standard single tooth emergency denture can be yours for £300, but in just a few hours you can get a same day single tooth emergency denture for £450.

No more wait times. No more incomplete dentures. To experience Same Day Dentures simply call 01604 439270 to book an appointment today.

Retainers & Guards

While dentures are ideal for replacing missing teeth, you can protect them in the first place using retainers and guards. Maybe you need a retainer to prevent grinding teeth, or to hold recently straightened teeth in place. Maybe a gum shield to protect your teeth out on the rugby field. Whatever you need, the 44 Derngate team is on hand to help.

The process is much the same as denture production, from the creation of the mould, the test and the final refinements.

Removable retainers cost £175 per jaw, perfect for keeping your teeth in place at night.

For those looking for teeth whitening to boost their self-confidence, bespoke bleach trays can be produced for £100 per jaw.

And if you’re heading out onto the sports field, take care of your teeth and the rest of your mouth with a high quality sport gum shield. We can create one in a single colour for £100, or use multiple colours for just £150.

Along with same day dentures, everything is created here on-site in our premium dental lab. The time taken to fit them varies from patient to patient, but to get started with producing a custom retainer or mouth guard just call 01604 439270 to book an appointment today.

Still not sure? Here’s a breakdown of our dentures, retainers and guards prices:

  • Standard full denture £500
  • Premium full denture £1,000
  • Same day premium denture £1,500
  • Standard single tooth emergency denture £300
  • Same day single tooth emergency denture £450
  • Repairs & additions from £75
  • Removable retainers £175 per jaw
  • Bleach trays £100 per jaw
  • Custom Sport gum shields (single colour) £100
  • Custom Sport gum shields (multi colour) £150


*Subject to status. Conditions apply. Representative examples: Cash price of treatment £1500.00; repayable by 12 monthly payments of £125.00; Total amount repaid £1500.00; Representative 0% APR, or *repayable by 60 monthly payments of £31.50; Total amount repaid £1890.00; Representative 9.9% APR.