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In the case of tooth loss, maybe through gum disease or an accident, a dental implant is a safe, tried and tested treatment.


A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone and acts as an artificial tooth root. This screw can then be fitted with a dental crown or extension, effectively replacing the tooth with an implant that is just as convincing.


Implants are popular treatments for people who have suffered tooth loss and experience the social anxiety that comes with it. In many situations it is not the reduced functionality that affects people more but the loss of confidence when taking part in social situations. Natural-looking, imperceptible dental implants do a wonderful job of improving mental wellbeing in these cases.


Caring for dental implants is just like caring for natural teeth: brushing regularly, at least twice a day, around the teeth and the gums and using floss or interdent brushes to clean between them. When properly looked after, dental implants can last up to 15 years and make perfectly good replacements for regular teeth.


*Subject to status. Conditions apply. Representative examples: Cash price of treatment £1838.00; repayable by 12 monthly payments of £153.17; Total amount repaid £1838.00; Representative 0% APR, or *repayable by 60 monthly payments of £38.60; Total amount repaid £2316.00; Representative 9.9% APR.

“I’ve had two implants this year running from April through November. The treatment I have received from Dr Patel and all of the staff has been absolutely first class! I am so thrilled with my new teeth and would like to thank you all very much. Money well spent! Thanks”.

Dental implants are an ideal treatment for tooth loss and a more permanent alternative to dentures. The plastic or metal frames that support removable dentures can be uncomfortable and require a lot of maintenance, whereas implants are nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth and cause almost no disruption to everyday life.


The procedure is straightforward and can be completed in just a few appointments. Firstly, after an anaesthetic, the titanium rod is inserted into the jawbone. Secondly an abutment is fitted to the implant – this is a sort of screw that connects the rod with the false tooth. The final stage of the fitting is for the false tooth to be connected with the abutment.


There will be some time between appointments and it may take anywhere from three to twelve months for the mouth to fully heal. But the surgery is routine and our team of dedicated dental surgeons are on hand every step of the way, from the original appointment all the way through recovery.


The fitting of implants is one of our most popular dental treatments, and we are happy to serve Northamptonshire’s dental implant needs to improve oral health and mental wellbeing.


If you’d like more information we’d be happy to walk you through the process from beginning to end. Feel free to call us on 01604 439270 any time.

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