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One of the most common dental treatments is a crown, and our surgeons fit thousands of these each year.


A dental crown is a cap that fits over a tooth. It is cemented over the top of the tooth to restore it to its original shape, size and strength. There could be multiple reasons for requiring a crown:


  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking, from decay, or fasten cracked teeth in place to prevent them from breaking further.
  • A crown can support a dental bridge and hold it in place.
  • A crown can hide a misshapen tooth or an unsightly dental implant.
  • They can be used to restore a broken or worn tooth to its original shape and strength.


Crowns can be produced from a range of materials, from porcelain and ceramic to gold. It encases the tooth in a simple, painless, routine operation and can be completed in as little as two short appointments. A dental adhesive, like a specialist type of cement, is used to glue the crown in place. The first appointment is required to take measurements for the production of the crown, and the second appointment involves the fitting of the crown itself.


Caring for the crown is much like caring for the rest of your teeth. The crown cannot be removed so careful brushing around it and the point at which the crown meets the tooth is vital. With proper care and attention it will be a good few years before the crown needs to be replaced.


Dental crowns can improve a tooth’s shape and bring it back to normal functionality, but it can also return a tooth to its natural appearance which helps boost patients’ mental wellbeing in social situations. As well as advocating good oral hygiene we are firm believers in the power of the smile. A healthy, clean smile can give you the confidence to do anything – and a dental crown will get you well on your way.


Crowns can also be used as part of other treatments, such as bridges and dentures. We are proud to provide the Northampton area with a comprehensive range of crown treatments in a huge number of situations. From the initial meeting through to the final fitting and the follow-up appointments, our experienced staff are on hand to give you first rate advice and assistance.


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