Dental bridges fitting and maintenance

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A tooth bridge can be fitted in the case of tooth loss in order to cover or fill the gap.


The danger of tooth loss is that the remaining teeth can shift position which results in a poor bite, potentially leading to gum disease and joint problems. It can also lead to bone loss and problems with speech which can cause damage to confidence and emotional wellbeing.


A bridge is basically a false tooth which is cemented to the surrounding teeth and spans the gap, keeping the remaining teeth in position to prevent problems with shifting.


There are several types of bridges available. Traditional bridges are the most common and involve a routine procedure that our dentists have performed many times before. A cantilever bridge is required when there is a tooth adjacent to the gap on only one side. Maryland bonded bridges are created with plastic teeth supported by a metal frame.


The idea behind a bridge is that it fills a gap with a false tooth that is anchored into the mouth using the surrounding teeth as a support. The procedure is fairly straightforward, and similar to that of dental crowns. Firstly the abutment teeth – the anchor teeth either side of the gap – are prepared by removing some of the enamel and reshaping them in order for the crown to be fitted on it.


Once the dentist has measurements of the gap and the surrounding teeth, the bridge needs to be produced. In this time we will fit a temporary bridge in order to protect the area and any exposed gums. After that, it’s simply a case of coming back for a second appointment to get the final bridge fitted. This will be cemented either side of the gap using a special dental adhesive.


Although they can come loose and require maintenance, when properly cared for with good brushing technique and oral hygiene a bridge has the potential to last forever.


Dental bridges are a no-fuss, quick way of securing gaps and maintaining good oral health. Prevent problematic bites and restore your natural smile by fitting a dental bridge. Call 01604 439270 for more information and we’d be happy to get you started.

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