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Traditional braces created with metal and wire can do wonders for crooked teeth. Treatments tend to last around 18 months on average, and are a safe and straightforward route towards a beautiful smile.


However, the drawback is that the metal can be uncomfortable, difficult to maintain, and unsightly. Any embarrassment or reluctance in public that comes from crooked teeth won’t immediately be fixed by having a mouth full of metal braces.


Clear aligners are the perfect compromise. A modern day orthodontic treatment designed to get people out and about without worrying about the appearance of their braces.


Clear aligners are transparent plastic splints, created from a mould of your teeth, worn during the day to gently move teeth into place. The transparent plastic is smooth and comfortable so there’s no chance of you catching your cheeks or gums on protruding wires, and removable so you can maintain good oral hygiene. But above all it is almost completely invisible.


This lets you march ahead with your teeth straightening treatment without worrying about your appearance, so you can live your life to the absolute fullest.


Over a period of time the orthodontist will swap the splints for slightly different ones until the teeth have shifted into the desired position.


Invisalign is a high-tech, premium version of a clear aligner that incorporates 3D models, but other brands are available as well. Many of the patients here at 44 Derngate are more than happy with the clear aligners and the minimal impact they have on their lives. But the best thing to do is just try it for yourself.


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