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Clear aligners, Six Month Smiles and Invisalign may be appropriate for some situations, but patients always have the option to correct problematic bites, misaligned teeth and create the perfect smile with traditional fixed braces.


The 44 Derngate orthodontics team is experienced at fitting and maintaining fixed braces, used to gently guide teeth into the desired, straightened position.


The process begins with the use of painless X-Rays, photographs and plaster moulds to analyse the mouth’s position and assess what needs to be done. Once the orthodontist has developed a plan and guided the patient through it, the braces are fitted.


Metal brackets are glued to the teeth. Wire connects the brackets and is tightened gradually over a long time to slowly maneuver the teeth into position.


The process is not painful, although there might be some tenderness in the teeth a couple of days after the brace has been tightened. Tens of thousands of people live with braces every single day and it is a core part of modern dental treatment.


Maintaining the brace is important, as food and bacteria can easily build up around the brackets and behind the wires. But preventing further problems is as simple as brushing diligently twice a day, flossing regularly and using mouthwash wherever possible.


It is also important to avoid certain foods – hard candies, toffees and apples can damage the structure of the brackets and the wires which can delay the treatment. Fizzy drinks can also weaken the brace, so be sensible in terms of what you eat and drink. Your orthodontist can help guide you with this.


Depending on the severity of the misalignment the fixed brace treatment can last anywhere between a few months to a couple of years. Again, this is something that the orthodontist will speak to you about at the beginning of the process and make sure you are absolutely clear before treatment begins.


The treatment may seem like it lasts a long time, but a year or two with fixed braces can do wonders when it comes to improving confidence in social situations, mental wellbeing, and avoiding potential physiological problems that come from poorly arranged teeth.


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